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UPDATE!!!! Happy Spring Bosbabes!!! Although I do not necessarily consider myself a sporty girl, I am loving the sporty chic styles that are trending this season! Click the link below for some new Bosbabes look.

December Blog!!!!! It is the holiday season Boss Babes!!!! My fave time of year!!! Here is my style guide for holiday 2020! I wish all of you a peaceful, happy, and healthy holiday season and a wonderful New Year. I welcome any comments and questions at and via insta @tiffyg77

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What To Wear This Holiday Season!

***November Blog!! The calendar has flipped to the “Tis the Season” time of year….my favorite!!!! Although this holiday season will be different for many of us due to COVID, I do hope you are able to get together with some of your loved ones and close friends to celebrate. First up on the holiday train is Thanksgiving. Here is my latest blog article on how to dress comfy, yet chic, for turkey day! Let me know what you think and make sure you follow me on insta @tiffyg77

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What to Wear on Thanksgiving 2020….

SEPTEMBER BLOG: Hi everyone!!!!! Happy Fall!!!! Since Football started this week in many places, I thought it would be a good idea to write about some sporty style for Fall. In my opinion, Fall is the best time to wear sporty outfits because they’re cozy and comfy. Because of the COVID, there are sooooo many more sports on then usual this time of year so rock your casual chic looks peeps!!! Click below to read!!!


Sporty Style for Fall

July Blog: Click the link below for the latest blog about the return of baseball and how to styyle yourself for baseball games!

Women and Sports…

Girls and No Sports Lately……and what they think….

I am so excited to be partnering up with the @thebosbabes as a guest writer. The BosBabes is all sports everything so if you are a sporty chick, you will love them!!! I recently was asked to write about girls’ viewpoints on the lack of sports right now. The majority of my audience is Boston women and they were very vocal in my insta DMs….which I loved by the way!!! Basically they miss everything about sports….especially Boston Sports!!!

action backboard ball basketball

What many of them missed the most included the following list:

-March Madness

-Fenway Park opening week

-Celtics PlayOffs

-Bruins Playoffs

close up photography of four baseballs on green lawn grasses

70% of the woman I polled missed the Bruins playoffs vs the 30% who said they missed the Celtics playoffs.

In positive news, the majority of them feel that sports will make a comeback in some capacity by late September 2020. Some feel that fans will not be allowed in until some point in 2021, but many of these women feel that they would feel safe and happy going to a game if testing capacity was increased and people were required to wear masks.

Let’s hope for a return to Boston sports sooner rather than later people!!!! And yay for the Pats schedule coming out last night!!!!

Leggings: Part 3 “The Refresh”

I do not know many women who do not love their black leggings. Sure, we all have a favorite brand or style, but the majority of us find them versatile and very comfy. Sometimes, I get bored with styling mine the same ways, so each season I like to come up with a “legging refresh.”

  1. Over-sized tees:


2. White Blazers:





3. Cropped Denim Jacket:


4. Neon Tops:



5. Long Cardigans:



6. Blouse:

Let me know your fave way to wear your black leggings….and if you want to know who makes my favorite black leggings….just ask!!!

Leggings: Part 2 Under $25!!!!!

Continuing with my “we all love leggings” series I wanted to include some great leggings that cost less than $25. Many of them can actually be bought on Amazon.

  1. 90 Degrees by Reflex High Waist:

2. Feivo Power Flex:


3. Oalka Power Flex:

Oalka Power Flex Women’s Yoga Capri Pants, Black

4. C9 Champion:



5. Syrinx:

6. Ivga High-Waist:


7. LMB Capri:
Happy Bargain Shopping Peeps!!!

Leggings: Part One 

The Best Leggings for our shape!

Ahhhh leggings….we all love them…. especially sporty girls. Leggings are like a necessary staple. We wore them a lot before social distancing, but now that COVID-19 has effected our lives the way it has, we are living in leggings and sweats over 90% of the time. They are comfortable and practical and they can be dressed up or down and worn as exercise wear too. But what leggings will fit your body type best??? Well, I am hear to tell ya!!!


  1. Petites: Any cropped length legging works in any brand. If you want a full length style, purchase the 7/8 lengths that many brands make and they will be full length on your petite frame. Being petite myself, here are my faves.

-Lululemon Align 7/8


-Cropped Booty by Brabants



2. Curvy/Plus Size: Look for a pair with a high waist and compression.



-Old Navy






-Core 10



-Curvy Booty by Brabants



3. Tall: Go for a longer cut and a mid-rise waist








The good news is that almost all of these are on sale online now for great prices and let’s face it….leggings are always a good investment that you will wear over and over, especially if they fit right!

Please reach out to me with any style questions and comments!!!

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