Throw It Like Brady: Best Buddies Challenge Attracts Donors For Great Cause

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.32.23 PMBOSTON- It had all the ingredients for a great football game: a loud, cheering crowd, a fantastic half-time performance, and a lingering excitement in the air. On the field was more than your average school game at Harvard Stadium, however: the day of the Best Buddies Challenge, Best Buddies played alongside notable athletes and members of the community including James White, Charlie Baker, Best Buddies Founder Anthony Shriver, and the legendary Tom Brady.

“I’ve been doing this for about 4 or 5 years now, Best Buddies is an organization that helps those who are less fortunate than us to help them get skills and the mindset to take care of themselves, working jobs, and work to get money. It’s a pretty cool thing, and it just keeps getting bigger and better,” said Patriots Running Back James White as he took a moment on the sidelines to reflect on his experience with the charity. The sentiment of appreciation for the Best Buddies organization was echoed by his fellow Patriots, including Brady. “I want to thank you guys for your commitment to Best Buddies,” said Brady, his six-time championship winning smile beaming from the stage at a post-game cooking challenge. “I’m glad you all keep showing up, and it’s been another great year.”

During the cooking challenge, Best Buddies partnered with local restaurants and their buddy to create delicious dishes paired with unique cocktails, giving each person a chip to vote for their favorite choice. What were our favorites? You’ll have to watch and see in the full episode below where we share more on what the Best Buddies charity does for members in our communities and how our local athletes are helping along the way:


Off The Field: New England Patriots Head Cheerleader Andrea Cadigan


BOSTON-What do you get when you cross a New England Patriots Cheerleader and a TV Host? True #BosBabe Andrea Cadigan.

During our first episode of The BosBabes, we sat down in studio with the professional cheerleader that is a woman gorgeous both inside and out. She took us behind the scenes of what its like to tryout for the cheer squad, the feel of the hype before a Patriots game, and excitement of riding on a Duck Boat in front of Boston’s biggest sports fans.

Who is Andrea Cadigan you may ask? A young lady full of class and poise, the Captain of the New England Patriots cheerleaders (and get ready for this #FastFact!) comes from a long line of professional cheerleaders. Both Cadigan’s mom and sister were also on the squad back in the day. Professional cheerleaders are known to be community leaders, great dancers, and of course support their team both on and off the field.

Did you know? Andrea is also a TV host! She has appeared on shows like NESN Wicked Bites and is now the new host to a TV show that debuts summer 2019. Best part about her new adventure? Cadigan’s show, This Week on Martha’s Vineyard, showcases all of the best that Martha’s Vineyard has to offer.

Beauty and personality? This part is a MUST READ! Our favorite part of her interview (other than us talking about Tom Brady of course) was her candidness about her boyfriend. Cadigan says sometimes when they are out together, her beau gets mistaken for a player himself…and get this, he EVEN goes along with it!

Watch our first episode to see why Andrea Cadigan is a Bos Babe. She does not disappoint!

Where The Figawi?

HYANNIS, MA- If you’ve ever wondered what the biggest weekend of the year is on Nantucket, hands down there’s one that takes the cake: the weekend of Figawi.

If you’ve never heard of the Figawi boat race that runs annually from Hyannis to Nantucket, you probably haven’t heard about the tent parties (put me down for 2 bracelets please), how you have to book lodging WAY in advance (I’ve literally almost slept in someone’s basement when we couldn’t find anything), or how critical it is to choose the proper footwear (stilettos are a NO GO for those cobblestones…wear the flip flops!).

But if you know about Figawi…oh, you KNOW and you’re planning well ahead of time before Memorial Day weekend hits. Why is it so popular? Not only has the Figawi boat race been around for decades, it’s also one that’s known to be attended every year by athletes, celebrities, and prominent figures from all over the country. Here in New England, that’s meant the Kennedys, Bill Belichick and of course Patriots fan favorite Rob Gronkowski.

Preceding the Figawi Race each year is the Figawi Charity Ball, and this year’s theme of Fire & Ice was one that brought anyone who’s anyone to the Hyannis Resort & Conference Center. From ice sculptures to fresh oysters, live giveaways to live music, the event went all out for those opening up their pockets to benefit local Cape & Islands charities. Those supported by the big event range from supporting children’s music programs on the Cape & Islands to Nantucket Police & local health organizations, yet they all carry the same theme: The Figawi Board of Directors carefully select charities that are commonly overlooked by larger foundations to help bring life back to the communities on which their traditions were built. Started in 1986, the annual ball follows the organization’s theme of “Serious Fun” (yes, that’s literally their slogan and I’ve yet to find one that would fit them better!).

Want to go inside the ball? Here, take a look!:


Meet The BosBabes

bb5Hi babes- thank you so much for checking out our page! We’re so excited to share every moment behind the scenes of The BosBabes with you all. 

Before we get started, first things first: who are The BosBabes? 

Our names are Emmalyn Anderson & Brittany Baldassari, hosts of The BosBabes broadcast on Performer TV every other Monday at 8pm. A former Reality TV personality & current News Anchor, we’ve decided to take our passion for sports and entertainment and turn it into a bi-weekly show that shares with you our adventures going behind the scenes with local New England athletes and their experiences giving back to our communities. From in-studio interviews to taking you on the red carpet at Boston’s biggest charity events, our mission is to show your favorite athletes outside of the game. Behind the uniform, each individual athlete has their own lifestyle, personality and (more often that not) a soft side for giving back to the communities that support and cheer for them every day.

Want to learn more? Tune in tonight at 8pm to watch our first broadcast on! Link will be going live at 8:



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