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Blog #4, NBA finals and NFL spreads covid- Referring back to my last blog about the NFL considering more fans, I’m not to sure that will be happening anymore, after the league reshuffles 8 teams schedules due to positive covid tests… ugh. I know it is getting colder out here in New England but it doesn’t stop me from missing watching live in Foxboro on Sundays. The waiting in the parking lots for hours and the smell of stadium food was something I took for granted. All I can do here as grab some “takeout” from the URI dining hall and turn on my tv.

LeBron James was expecting to come out in the finals and roll over the heat, but Jimmy Butler continues to give him a game every night! Super fun to watch, with a couple of friends in a dorm room, not too many though because of covid :/ slowly but surely ruining my college experience!

Although being at college sucks without out football games and the basketball games are starting later than usual, I’m still trying to get involved with the sports here as much as I can. I am now a team manager for the women’s basketball team, and film their practices. The winter sports here at URI are supposed to start games the weekend after Thanksgiving, and I am really looking forward to it. I just hope they can have fans!

Blog #3, No more Celtics, NFL considering more fans – I know I had some very high expectations for the Celtics, but they were not able to get past the heat. They pushed them to Game 6, but lost with a very tough fourth quarter. My favorite player, Jayson Tatum, has been having some tough first half performances, which a lot of reporters are blaming the losses on.

Patriots are off to a good start to the new season, with a 2-1 record. Their most recent game was at our very own Gillette Stadium, with unfortunately no fans. Texas, Tampa Bay, Miami, and other stadiums are allowing around 13,000 people to come to their games. Hopefully Gillette takes after them soon! I miss live football. Being a freshmen here at URI I was looking forward to my first college football games this fall, until the season was pushed back to February. The first game is at home on Feb 26th, but even if fans are allowed, I don’t think too many people will go when it’s that cold here in New England.

I am hoping that sports attendance can become normal soon because live sports is so important to me!

Blog #2, NFL is back & Celtics make it to conference finals– Although I’d rather be in the nosebleeds freezing at Gillette stadium welcoming the Patriots back for their season, watching the game on a mac book on the floor of a college dorm will have to do. Oh how we missed you football! Even without Tom this year the Pats managed to pull of an opening game win against the Dolphins, initiating new quarterback Cam Newton to their offense. NFL Sundays won’t be the same this year because of limitations to parties and bars, and no stadium fans, but the fact that some places down south are allowing fans gives us hope!

The Celtics beating the raptors in game 7 on Friday night was a very exciting game to watch. I can’t imagine them winning the championship this year, and how excited everyone is until they remember that it is highly unlikely that Boston will allow a parade. Us New England fans will always manage to find our ways though. I look forward to watching them this next round starting on Tuesday!

Blog #1, Boston Celtics playoffs round 2– With the Celtics going 4-0 against the 76ers in the first round, lots of fans thought that they were going to have it easy in round 2, the conference semifinals against the Toronto raptors. In the first game, they came out flying with an easy win, and it looked like from there they would have that round in the bag. Unfortunately the raptors have won 3 games since then, and the series is now tied 3-3 with a double overtime loss for the Celtics in game 6.

Boston fans have a thing for being too cocky, considering all the big wins we’ve had in recent years. Hopefully the Celtics give us another reason to be!

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