Off The Ice With The Goon Himself: Doug Smith

BOSTON, MA- You may have seen the movie. You may have read the book. Yet until you’re staring at the 6’2 “Goon” himself, you have no idea the terror his presence set into the minds of those he went toe-to-toe with on the ice as an enforcer. He’s tall, he’s focused, and he’s not afraidContinue reading “Off The Ice With The Goon Himself: Doug Smith”

Cheers to 2019: The BosBabes Celebrate First Annual Holiday Special With Big News!

When NFL Cheerleader & Founder of StrongHer Organization Alicia Capone walked into the studio on the evening of our 2019 Holiday Special, there was something very different about her. It wasn’t that she’d just been rushing from work to come and join us, and of course she wasn’t nervous about jumping into the studio withContinue reading “Cheers to 2019: The BosBabes Celebrate First Annual Holiday Special With Big News!”

In The Octagon With Charles Rosa

BOSTON- Fresh out of the ring from his Friday night victory in TD Garden, MMA Champion Charles “Boston Strong” Rosa greeted us outside of the studio with a smile from ear to ear and open arms for a big hug. There was absolutely no inclination that just days prior, the Peabody native had been toe-to-toe withContinue reading “In The Octagon With Charles Rosa”

From Tragedy to True Love: The Journey of Roseann Sdoia Materia

When the bomb went off at the Boston Marathon finish line on April 15, 2013, Roseann Sdoia Materia knew her life was about to change forever. One of her favorite things to do year after year had been to attend the Boston Marathon as a spectator; something her father introduced her to as a young girlContinue reading “From Tragedy to True Love: The Journey of Roseann Sdoia Materia”

Going Rogue: Meet Alan Rouleau

When you mix a master businessman with a creative genius, you get the legend known as Alan Rouleau: the man behind the suits worn by some of the most prominent athletes and coaching staff in New England. The incredibly talented entrepreneur grew up right here in Massachusetts, with a business mindset from an early age. AfterContinue reading “Going Rogue: Meet Alan Rouleau”

From The Ice To The Diamond: Deanna Buonomo

Tomboy Alert! From Ice Girl to Red Sox WAG, former Boston Bruins Ice girl and Winthrop native Deanna Buonomo knows a thing or two about being one of the boys. Having grown up close to the ocean with her family, mostly consisting of boys… Deanna spent a lot of her childhood playing street hockey, gettingContinue reading “From The Ice To The Diamond: Deanna Buonomo”

Meet Best-Selling Author Taylor Higgins

BOSTON-If you’ve ever been stuck in a toxic relationship, you know how easy it is to ignore the warning signs and lonely it can feel when your mind is being manipulated to believe that there is nothing you can do about it and have no one to turn to. One former Miss Teen Massachusetts andContinue reading “Meet Best-Selling Author Taylor Higgins”


BOSTON-Born and raised right here in the East Coast, WAG entrepreneur Lauren Melkus had a tough time deciding between rooting for the Red Sox or Yankees as a kid….okay Lauren, we get it…but we know you love Sox Nation more! She grew up very sporty. As an active gymnast in her childhood years…she was tossedContinue reading “WAG ENTREPRENUER: Lauren Melkus”

Power Couple Alert: Tucker Healy & Sarah McMahon

BOSTON- POWER COUPLE ALERT. What do you get when you cross a former pro baseball player and a lifestyle publicist? The Ultimate power couple. The BosBabes sat down in the hot seats with New England area natives Tucker Healy and Sarah McMahon. Tucker Healy was born and raised in Needham ,Massachusetts. His love for baseballContinue reading “Power Couple Alert: Tucker Healy & Sarah McMahon”