Off The Ice With The Goon Himself: Doug Smith

goon.jpgBOSTON, MA- You may have seen the movie. You may have read the book. Yet until you’re staring at the 6’2 “Goon” himself, you have no idea the terror his presence set into the minds of those he went toe-to-toe with on the ice as an enforcer. He’s tall, he’s focused, and he’s not afraid to take a couple punches from anyone who gets in the way of him protecting those around him.  Even outside of the game, the 6’2 former professional fighter Doug Smith instantly commands the room with his presence: if not for his height, the former fight man’s contagious smile and genuine kindness can be spotted a mile away.

The son of an amateur boxer, Smith says his father didn’t want him in the ring at all and refused to take him to any of his games. Yet it was Smith’s own mother who recognized his passion for the pastime, and secretly took him to watch his first fight without his father knowing. “I think from a young age I enjoyed that sport..My father thought it was dangerous but I wanted to at least try it.” Little did they both know at the time that this game would be the start of an incredible career that lead Smith to do a bit of boxing of his own that started him on the path to a book, movies, and a career he truly fell in love with.

How did that one his mother took him to kickstart his future as an enforcer? Despite discovering his love for fighting, Smith was still a teenager that loved to hang out with his friends just as much as anyone else who simple got roped into playing a game of hockey on a local pond. “I didn’t play hockey as a kid growing up. I didn’t start skating until I was 19 on a pond in Hanover, and a friend of mine persuaded me to learn to skate just to hang out. It really started to snowball in the fighting aspect, and they said ‘You know, if you could keep your balance, and you can fight, you can really do something with this.’ We never imagined it would go as far as it did.” Once he began officially working as an enforcer for the AHL, Smith realized he found his true passion. “I enjoyed the fighting aspect-I know it sounds crazy, but I enjoyed the competition,” said Smith was a sparkle in his eye just reminiscing on his favorite moments on the ice. Many thrilling fights, long road trips, black eyes and missing teeth later, Smith remains humble about his experience to this day. “Listen, my story is simple: I didn’t write books and I didn’t have movies because I won my fights. In fact, I probably lost most of my fights. But it was an underdog story-I didn’t have my first organized hockey game until I was 22 years old, and that’s really late. So I think the public absorbed it more as a longshot guy who just happened to make it.” Despite his success, Smith says although his mother spent many years supporting her son in every way possible in his road to success there is still one thing she’s refused to do: “She’s had no interest in watching the movie, and I don’t think she should, either. It’s too vulgar for her!” he explains.

Today, Smith continues to serve as a protector for those around him as an Officer with the Hanson Police Department, and gives back to his community through various charities including Skate For The 22 Foundation. On top of all he does daily, Smith confirmed for fans The Goon franchise isn’t going anywhere. “There might be a third movie,” he revealed to us with a sly smile.

Want to hear more from Doug Smith’s interview? Watch the full episode of his in-studio visit below!



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