Going Rogue: Meet Alan Rouleau

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When you mix a master businessman with a creative genius, you get the legend known as Alan Rouleau: the man behind the suits worn by some of the most prominent athletes and coaching staff in New England. The incredibly talented entrepreneur grew up right here in Massachusetts, with a business mindset from an early age. After owning multiple businesses and exploring options, one day Rouleau decided to test his hand at a menswear business after a client of his own “went rogue”, and discovered his passion for helping men to become their best selves through custom tailored suits (and even custom tailored beards!).

Alan Rouleau owns what Brittany likes to call the “Bentley of Barbershops”, a high end couture  menswear shop on Newbury Street in Boston. Alan provides a one stop shop for men to go in and get groomed by one of his master barbers while they browse his fine line of menswear, have a glass of whiskey, and get pampered- something he believes more men need to do. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. The place is filled with custom fabric, shirts, and ties galore! Men can get custom fitted from top to bottom for every occasion. While Alan has fitted many notable people for special occasions, he is also highly involved with local charities and giving back, we love him for that. If ever you ask him, he’ll bring out a book full of pictures of his handsome clients that required unique hand-tailored wardrobes due to rare conditions, and prides himself on never turning down the opportunity to put his talent to work in giving back to those in need.

Who are some of his top clients? One of his most well-known clients is New England Patriots very own legend… Bill Belichick. We all know Bill as this “serious” man on the  field, barely cracking a smile, staying focused on W’s and rocking the cut off hoodie. Yet off the field, there is much more to the wardrobe of New England’s favorite coach. Alan has fitted Bill for several special occasions, including the Kentucky Derby and Bill Belichick Foundation Fundraisers…if you haven’t checked out our Instagram already, take it from us- he looks like a star!

Most recently, Alan also had the chance to pamper Patriots receiver Julian Edelman. Edelman stopped in to get groomed and snap some photos with Patriots Cheerleading Captain Andrea Cadigan (who you’ll see below co-hosted this episode as Emmalyn was on her honeymoon in Puerto Rico!). Want to see some behind the scenes shots from Edelman’s visit to Rouleau’s shop? Look for the upcoming spread in the BostonMan Magazine! For now, learn more about Rouleau from the master himself with special guest co-host Andrea Cadigan on this episode of The BosBabes: 



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