Meet Best-Selling Author Taylor Higgins

IMG_3281BOSTON-If you’ve ever been stuck in a toxic relationship, you know how easy it is to ignore the warning signs and lonely it can feel when your mind is being manipulated to believe that there is nothing you can do about it and have no one to turn to. One former Miss Teen Massachusetts and Boston Bruins Ice Girl wants you to know that you’re not alone, and urges men and women everywhere to be aware of warning signs.

The gorgeous blonde bombshell Taylor Higgins, New England area native and best-selling author wasn’t always so bubbly like she is now. Higgins says despite all the smiles and energy she poured into each game she worked, something much darker was going on behind the scenes that in reality, made her feel absolutely helpless. Her best selling book “Between The Stitching” outlines Higgins’ emotional rollercoaster  relationship with a minor league baseball player in the Red Sox organization. Having found her passion in writing, Taylor used this method as therapy to overcome the hurtful obstacles her relationship caused her soul. “I’ve always turned to writing as a way to get my feelings out,” says Higgins in our exclusive interview with her in studio. Although you’d truly have to read to believe some of the things she’s experienced, Higgins now knows she has come out stronger, more resilient, and better than ever- and takes her knowledge of toxic relationships with the hopes of helping readers over come their own personal traumas.

So, after you’ve conquered the ice, won a pageant crown, survived a traumatic relationship and turned it into a best-selling novel, what’s next? Higgins says she DOES plan on doing more writing more in the future.

Click link below to see the full episode of this jaw dropping interview. It will have you wondering, what else lies -Between The Stitching -.



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