BOSTON-Born and raised right here in the East Coast, WAG entrepreneur Lauren Melkus had a tough time deciding between rooting for the Red Sox or Yankees as a kid….okay Lauren, we get it…but we know you love Sox Nation more!

She grew up very sporty. As an active gymnast in her childhood years…she was tossed into the wonderful world of sports. In college, Lauren began working in the bridal industry while attending Endicott College, where she immediately became interested in customizing clothing. Around that same time, Lauren met her now boyfriend, Tim Boyle, who played college ice hockey. The two fell in love, and as she grew her career Tim went on to play professional hockey. It was in those years that Lauren got the idea to become the mastermind behind her brand, The Denim Blonde.

Being around many women that wanted a cute, fun way to support their S/O on the ice . We aren’t talking big, baggy over-sized jerseys (Co-Hosts Britt & Emma knows ALL about that-shopping in the kids section for sports items can get old!). Lauren, wanting more for herself and other women, started customizing girly fashion to support Tim for his games. This of course which turned into her creating items for her friends…and BOOM! A business was born.

Why do we love Lauren? The Denim Blonde is for women, created by a woman that specifically hand customizes & designs unique pieces to fit each client. Although she specializes in bridal wear and items for wives and girlfriends of professional athletes… Lauren can make any order custom to whatever you can dream up! Check out her website https://thedenimblonde.com/ for more information on how you can get an awesome jacket made just for you!

Watch her in studio interview with us… you might be surprised to find out what her favorite cereal is and her go-to amp up energy  song!  


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