Gronkin’ Out

BOSTON- Get hyped! The Bos Babes recently rocked out in studio with Gordie and Chris Gronkowski- what better way to kick off 4th of July week?!

There is much more to the Gronkowski family than spiking footballs, playing sports, and partying hard. The 5 brothers grew up in Buffalo New York, each one of them with a big heart and an even bigger personality. Ever wonder what it would be like to grow up in the Gronkowski house? We learned first hand that mama and papa Gronk had their hands full! According to the the Gronk brothers, everyday was a wrestling match in their living room– furniture was even limited in the house due to the fun havoc that occured (sounds fun)!  They enjoyed running around in the house to expel their energy, taking family vacations, and if they were “well behaved” they got to go out to eat once a month.

Did you know former Patriots star Rob Gronkowksi was the biggest trouble maker? He loved to joke around and make everyone laugh… he took that right into adulthood! Who doesn’t love a lighthearted fun personality. Chris also told us that Rob loved to be tossed around the most out of the brothers during play time! Also, about that Gronk spike..
Chris Gronkowski is the ORIGINAL GRONK SPIKER, so don’t get it twisted people!

Aside from growing up a Gronkowski, the family is all highly involved in the Boston area community and are constantly giving back. Hospital visits, kids camps, and even Gronkin’ out high school gyms. Donating both their time and money to put smiles on faces is what Chris & Gordie say makes them thrive. Gordie specifically spends a lot of his time in gyms in the local area making sure everything goes smoothly with setup.

We highly appreciated having these two stars in studio and hope to have them back in someday soon. If you have ever been curious about what its like to be a Gronkowski… this episode is a must watch!  YO SOY FIESTA (as Rob would say)!

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