Throw It Like Brady: Best Buddies Challenge Attracts Donors For Great Cause

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 1.32.23 PMBOSTON- It had all the ingredients for a great football game: a loud, cheering crowd, a fantastic half-time performance, and a lingering excitement in the air. On the field was more than your average school game at Harvard Stadium, however: the day of the Best Buddies Challenge, Best Buddies played alongside notable athletes and members of the community including James White, Charlie Baker, Best Buddies Founder Anthony Shriver, and the legendary Tom Brady.

“I’ve been doing this for about 4 or 5 years now, Best Buddies is an organization that helps those who are less fortunate than us to help them get skills and the mindset to take care of themselves, working jobs, and work to get money. It’s a pretty cool thing, and it just keeps getting bigger and better,” said Patriots Running Back James White as he took a moment on the sidelines to reflect on his experience with the charity. The sentiment of appreciation for the Best Buddies organization was echoed by his fellow Patriots, including Brady. “I want to thank you guys for your commitment to Best Buddies,” said Brady, his six-time championship winning smile beaming from the stage at a post-game cooking challenge. “I’m glad you all keep showing up, and it’s been another great year.”

During the cooking challenge, Best Buddies partnered with local restaurants and their buddy to create delicious dishes paired with unique cocktails, giving each person a chip to vote for their favorite choice. What were our favorites? You’ll have to watch and see in the full episode below where we share more on what the Best Buddies charity does for members in our communities and how our local athletes are helping along the way:


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